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Additional Booking Information

Every performer has Full coverage from Specialty Insurance Agency, each event will also be fully insured for the night of the event and performance(s)

Performance Requirements

Please make sure to contact your venue to know their rules and regulations prior to booking the event and performers.
• Rehearsal in venue 24 hours prior to performance
• Dressing room area
• Inverted Aerials and their performers require tagging and credit on all Social media for event advertisement.
• Two Inverted Aerial stage hands allowed into event with access to backstage with Inverted Aerial performers and for crowd control around perimeter of performance area.
• Copies of event photos or video taken during event by venue or RMH Productions or an independent photographer/videographer contracted out by Inverted Aerials.

*None of the performers or equipment shall be touched by any bystander or audience member, unless after the performance and the performer is out of the performance zone and consents to the physical contact ( yes mom and dad you can hug them after the performance)

Rigging Requirements
Points must rigged by Inverted Aerial Riggers or riggers contracted out by Inverted Aerials per contract.

We prefer rigging the day before and break down within 2 hours after performance.
Rigging Option #1 – Rigging into an Existing Structure such as
Truss System or I beams.
• Inverted Aerials slings and carabiners and/or beam clamps and carabiners will be used to secure aerial points.
• Static: Ladders, scissor lift or basket crane must be provided by you or your venue for site survey, set up rigging and break down.
Rigging Option #2 – Loading-In Free-Standing Rig for venues with no ceilings.
• Installation by Inverted Aerial Techs
• 14’, 18’ or 22’ tall (25’ clearance required)
• 25’x 25’ Floor Span Required

Load capability Weight on indoor building structure is based on dynamic movement, aerial apparatus weight and performer(s) weight. All aerial performance and acro yoga performance use mats! EMS standby may be required to be present during the events performance at request of the venue, the cost of which will be added to the rate for the event!

Silks Rigging Point*
• 10’–30’ high
• 1000-1500lbs load
• 10’ radius clearance

Lyra (Hoop) Rigging Point*
• 10’-13’ high
• 1000-1500lbs. load
• 10’ radius clearance

Silk Hammock Rigging Point*
• 10’-18’ high
• 1000-1500lbs load
• 10’ radius clearance

Net Hammock Rigging Point*
• 10’-18’ high
• 1000-1500lbs load
• 10’ radius clearance

Fire Performances

MUST have a permit issued by the Fire Department of the town in which the performance will take place.

MUST have a Inverted Aerial Tech next to fire performer with water and a damp cloth!

MUST have a member or the towns Fire Department on standby during the entire performance (if their is any cost or fee for this service it will be included in Inverted Aerials  event rates!)

MUST have a 10' area of clearance around them at all times while performing

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